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Muscle Testing For Food Sensitivities and Compatibilities

About muscle testing

Muscle testing is a quick and easy way of checking in with your body to see if a food, product, or any other item is good for you or not. 

Your body knows what it needs and what is going to make it sick, all you need to do is just ask it! Here’s how.  Read the instructions and watch the video below.

I learned this method of muscle testing years ago from my naturopath and it has been one of the most valuable things I have learned my whole life. Since I was unable to find any instructions on how to do this online I decided to create a video (below) so I can share it with others. 


What you need to Muscle test

All you need to use this method of muscle testing is a hand weigh and the items you want to test. 

The weight should be light enough that you can lift it up and over your head (see video) with a straight arm, but should also be heavy enough to provide you with a little resistance. I use a 10 pound weight for muscle testing, choose whatever weight works for you. 

Before you start

Before you start testing you need to make sure your energy in your body is flowing in the right direction or this wont work. 

Think of the positive and negative sides of a AA battery. If your battery is backwards in your remote it wont work, this is kind of the same thing. 

To balance the flow of energy (or electricity) through your body take your right hand and touch the back of your right hand to your forehead, then touch the front of your right hand to your forehead. That’s it, energy is now balanced  flowing properly.

What foods to test

Everything! Yes that’s right. You should really test all the food you eat if you are able to.  

What you ingest or put on your body will have an impact weather its good or bad, your body will have a response to everything you put in it or on it.

Food has a bigger impact on heath than people are aware of. 

To feel healthy and full of energy you must be mindful of things you may be doing to your body to harm it, this includes eating foods that are not good for you. It doesn’t matter how heathy a particular food item is supposed to be, if your body does not want it, it’s not heathy for you. 



How To Muscle Test Food Sensitivites

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