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How To Detox From Radiation

Radiation is all around us

Hate to break it to you but……. you are exposed to various doses of radiation in your daily life. Common household radiation comes from microwaves, televisions, watches, cell phones, computer monitors, and even some lamps. On a positive note, this means your exposure level can be reduced through lifestyle choices.

Some exposures to radiation can be more obvious and avoidable (in some circumstances). Most people are well aware of radiation that’s emitted from x-ray machines at hospitals and dental offices and airports. But did you know that the sun also emits UV radiation?

The impact on your health is dependent on the source and amount of exposure. Overall radiation is harmful as it’s classified as a carcinogen by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If you feel like you are helpless and surrounded by harmful radiation and there is no escaping it, not to worry, that’s only half true. You likely are surrounded by harmful radiation, but there is a way to remove it from your body. All it takes is a few low-cost ingredients and getting down a salty drink. Although the drink tastes bad, I’m sure that cancer treatment is worse so suck it up and take the drink.

Radiation Detox Recipe


Combine all ingredients in a glass bottle and stir. Drink the entire remedy in one day as four separate doses, one cup at a time, spread evenly thoughout the day. 

Repeat this radiation detox every 1 to 3 months depending on your personal level of exposure to radiation within your environment and lifestyle.