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Grounding – Foot To Earth Therapy

Grounding - The Therapy You Didn't Know you Needed

Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic reconnection between your body and the earth.  When the body is directly connected to the earth an exchange of electrons takes place and provides an instant response from your body. This ancient healing practice stabilizes the body where needed. Grounding mats can be purchased for individuals who are not well enough to go outside, however the best method is direct body to earth contact. 

How Grounding Heals You

The exchange of electrons between the earth and your body brings down your inflammatory markers. Meaning that grounding has been proven to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is linked to all diseases and many illnesses including heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, lung diseases, mental heath problems, hormone imbalances, weight loss resistance and more. 

When you ground your body you uptake negatively charged ions from the earth. As the negative ions reach your bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that improve your mood with a chemical serotonin, this helps alleviate depression, relieve stress, reduce overeating, and boost your daytime energy.

The blood flowing through your body is thinned out because grounding improves your zeta potential which decreases the aggregation of red blood cells.  Improved circulation increases the delivery of fresh oxygen throughout your body allowing each organ to function optimally. This blood thinning phenomenon has been scientifically tested and proven with microscopic before and after images.


Cellular energy (ATP and mitochondria) is increased which results in clear thinking, increased psychical energy, and an increased metabolism.  Abundant cellular energy also reverses the aging process which is brought on by cell degeneration. In a manner of speaking, achieving optimum cellular energy is like having your own internal fountain of youth.

Sleeping disorders improve as the negative ion uptake reduces stress, and balances stress hormones causing your body realign with it’s circadian rhythm. Improved sleeping patterns regulate hormone secretions, lowering cortisol levels which reduces stress related illnesses, premature ageing and reduces obesity. 

Immunity is increased as the “killer cells” aka white blood cells or lymphocytes become more abundant and active. Increased circulation caused by thinning of the blood sends the killer cells out and around the body to clean up viruses, infections, irregular cell growths that may mutate into cance

Grounding Methods

Traditional grounding involves direct body to earth contact this can be done with feet, hands, or the entire body. Walking or standing with bare feet in the grass or dirt, placing the palms of your hands on the earth, gardening, or swimming in a natural body of water. To receive sufficient uptake of the negatively charged electrons you should ground your body to the earth for 12 – 20  minutes.

Whatever method of grounding you use make sure you make direct, bare skin contact since the electrons are absorbed through your skin. Rubber soles on shoes, and synthetic clothing fibers will prevent the exchange of electrons since plastic does not conduct electricity.

That’s a wrap!

When your body is not grounding to the earth on a regular basis you will experience electron deficiency syndrome. This is the point when you start experiencing the symptoms of inflammation and illnesses caused by inflammation.  You are likely already seeing some symptoms of inflammation, but it’s okay this can change quite quickly. You can take charge. Literally. No pun intended. 

Don’t let this article worry you, this is meant for encouragement and love. Self love = self care. When you’re well you can help others get well too. Grounding is one of the very few therapeutic treatments that is 100% free.  Share this with your friends and family so they can start healing too