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How Make A Messy Bun With Thin Hair

This is a thin hair hackHow make a big messy bun with thin hair.  All you need to make a big messy bun is a scrunchy, comb, and a coil hair tie.

Step 1. Put your hair up


Put your hair up in a high pony tail using a scrunchy.

Step 2. Tease Your Hair


Tease your hair using a comb.

Step 3. Twist Your hair

Twist your hair really loosely with your fingers.

4. Wrap Around your scrunchy


Wrap your hair around your scrunchy, leaving the ends hanging out. 

Step 5. Tie your bun up


Tie your bun up using your hair coil. 

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Step 6. Puff Up Your bun


Puff up your bun by pulling, and loosening it up all the  around your bun. Big messy bun complete!

Big Messy Bun finished look

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