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Find Your Prefect Red Lipstick Shade For Your Skin Tone

How To Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick Shade


To find YOUR prefect red lip stick shade; first you will need to understand a little bit about your own skin’s UNDERTONE says Alexandra.

Figure out if your undertones are cool or warm first.

Cooler skin tones are best matched with reds that have blue undertones, and warm skin tones are better suited with anΒ  orange undertoned red lipstick shade.

Be careful a fiery orange red canΒ  make your teeth look yellow, if your teeth are not very WHITE stick to a blue undertoned red lipstick.

Warm Red Lipstick Application

Here Alexandra demonstrates the steps she uses to apply a warmΒ orange undertoned red lipstick.

Her first step is to line her lips with a warm orange red colored lip liner that is slightly darker than the lipstick.Β 


Next she applies a bright fiery orange toned red lipstick to the entire lip evenly.


The final touch to this look is contouring. Using a different shade of lip liner that is darker, with a slightly blue undertone. She starts contouring at the corners of her lips and shades moving inward.Β Β 


Warm Red Lipstick on Olive Skin Tone

Here’s the finished look! Alexandra explains that using several shades of orange and blue reds adds more dimensionΒ  to the lip, rather then putting on a single color that can make it look flat.


Cool Red Lipstick Application

Here Alexandra demonstrates her application of cool blue undertoned red lipstick.

A bright cool red with blue undertones like the one Alexandra is using generally suits all skin tones, this is because of the deep, vibrant color saturation in this tone of red.

Starting with a lip liner in a cool red blue undertone, Alexandra lines her entire lip.Β 


Next she applies a cool red lipstick in the same shade as the lip liner. 

Since this color is vibrant and dimensional on its own she decides not to contour this look. However, she does recommend a deep burgundy if you do decide to contour with this lipstick shade. 


Cool Blue Red lipstick on olive skin tone

Here’s the finished look. Alexandra recommends that everyone try this type of lip shade no matter what you skin tone is, because it really suits everyone!


watch the video here

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