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DIY Lip Plumper

This Is A Quick DYI Guide On How To Make Lip Plumper At Home With Cinnamon Essential Oil

There have been studies done that confirm daily use of lip plumper does cause the lips to become fuller over time. We recommend you use this lip plumper daily, either in the morning before makeup application, or in the evening before bed.  Our lips naturally will lose fullness as we age, using a lip plumper will help prevent loss of lip volume caused by ageing. 


  • small container with a lid (preferably glass)
  • Vaseline
  • cinnamon essential oil
  • makeup spatula or wooden popsicle stick

Step 1 Add vaseline to your container

Using your makeup spatula add the Vaseline to your container. make sure to leave room to add the oil and stir the product without making a mess and spilling it over the edge of the container.  You can use either regular Vaseline, or Vaseline Coco Butter in this lip plumper. 

Source: YouTube/ Huda Beauty
Source: YouTube/Huda Beauty
Source: YouTube/Huda Beauty

Step 2 add cinnamon essential oil to container

Add the cinnamon essential oil to the vaseline in your container. Depending on your tollerance you can add 3-5 drops to start, or if you can handle more add 7-10 drops. Make sure you are using cinnamon essential oil not a fragrance oil. A fragrance oil does not have the same properties as essential oil and will not give you the plumping effect you are looking for. Fragrance oil may contain unwanted chemicals that can give you some adverse reactions so steer clear. We recommend using DoTerra Cinnamon essential oil because it is a high quality trusted brand. Use this link to buy DoTerra Cinnamon oil online LINK.

Step 3 Carefully Stir cinnamon essential oil into the vasiline with your makeup spatula

Be careful while stirring in the cinnamon essential oil, try not to get the products on your hands. If you forget and accidently touch your face later you could be plumping and adding a reddish pigment to areas of your face that you don’t want to……..

step 4 test out your lip plumper

Apply your lip plumper with something other than your finer such as a makeup bush, cotton swab or Q-tip. If you use your finer you risk forgetting that you touched cinnamon and end up getting it in your eye or somewhere else that is uncomfortable. You will notice a stinging sensation for the first 30 seconds, this is normal and it will stop stinging quickly. 


step 5 enjoy the results of your dIY lip plumper

After the stinging stops you will start to really see the results. You will notice the color of your lips brightens, and the shape of your lips looks fuller. For best results apply daily. 

Source: YouTube/Huda Beauty

Congratulations you just saved some money on beauty products! Store bought lip pumpers can cost upward of $50. Make sure to share this DIY with your friends on social media!