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The Essential Oils Manual For Moms Who Want A Complete Guide On
Taking Care Of Everything
From Bug Bites To Viruses to Emotional & Hormonal Imbalances In Their Family!

Do you or any of your family members have minor or possibly major health issues that are always plaguing you and that you’re looking for a cure for?

“Essential Oils” may be the solution you’ve been looking for, this manual covers 13 of the most popular essential oils that could help you and your family live a healthier life!


In playgrounds all around North America moms can’t say enough about the power of Essential Oils when it comes to taking care of illnesses for their families. 

More and more social media posts are popping up with stories of how people are using the healing properties of these “magical” oils. 

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time for you to expose yourself to the power and potential of these oils and the impact they can have on the health and happiness of your loved ones.

The problem is that most women end up with bottles of oils just gathering dust, simply because they don’t understand what they are or have any idea on how to use them properly. 

The truth is, if you know which essential oils to use and how to use them, they can have dramatic and sometimes life altering impact for anyone suffering from just about any kind of ailment. 

You can actually eliminate many conditions and pains permanently by using nothing more than Essential Oils. Crazy Right!

In this Essential Oils Manual for Moms… “The Truth About Essential Oils”  you are going to learn which oils are the best for improving overall quality of life, but also and which you may not want to use in specific situations.

You’ll learn which oil does what and also learn which may be best for your unique use and application.

Whatever your present circumstances are with your family life, you will learn which essential oil can be used to better their lives and yours. The  health of you and your family can improve drastically quickly and easily.

 Snatch your copy of the instant download now The Truth About Essential Oils eBook and start enjoying a healthier, happier life! For you and your loved ones.

Sneak Peak Inside...

Essential oil of eucalyptus is used as an insect repellent, and as treatment for insect bites, and skin rashes. It is one of few essential oils whose potency increases with age rather than deteriorates. Add a few drops of this oil to your bath water to sooth the itch and irritation of bug bites. 

Lavender is both a treatment for insect bites, as well as an insect repellent. It blends well with other essences and boosts their effectiveness.

Patchouli is known for its heavy fragrance  that is sweet, spicy and woody, slightly balsamic and smoky. This oil treats insect and snake bites, in addition to being an effective bug and moth repellent.

Jasmine is picked at night when its perfume is strongest, giving it the title ‘queen of the night. Jasmine effectively treats the reproductive systems of both men and women. An abdominal or back massage with jasmine oil eases labor pain during childbirth. 

Each essential oil write up includes a “Precautions” section that will tell you if a specific oil is not  safe to use during pregnancy. 

Patchouli is excellent for stress-related emotional imbalance, including anxiety, nervousness and anger. It is useful for treating procrastination due to confusion or depressive, negative thoughts. Patchouli’s earthy smell grounds and centers the psyche. It’s used to remedy spaced-out thinking and excessive day dreaming.

The anti-depressant qualities of bergamot make it ideal for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) on cold, gray days. It’s mild, sedating effect helps control anger, relieve stress, reduce nervous tension, fear and anxiety.

Clary sage oil can produce a drug-like ”high,” and is a powerful aid in treating depression, anxiety, and melancholy. It is useful in reducing stress that diminishes sexuality and thus is considered an aphrodisiac.

Oil of geranium works as an antidepressant, controls mood swings, nervousness and anxiety. It combats mental fatigue due to stress and overwork. Geranium controls the flow of energy in the body and balances the psyche emotionally and mentally, as well as physically.

Tea Tree oil prevents colds from developing into bronchitis, sinusitis or laryngitis. Regular baths and massage with tea tree oil help boost the immune system, especially in cases of long term, debilitating illnesses such as mononucleosis or Epstein-Barr Virus.

Used regularly in a diffuser or vaporizer, cinnamon oil is an excellent preventive for colds and infections from bacteria, virus or fungus. It also speeds recovery during respiratory illness. An abdominal massage with oil containing cinnamon leaf aids a variety of problems caused by sluggish digestion, including flu symptoms and flatulence.

Neroli, also called orange blossom, is the pale yellow oil from deeply fragrant white flowers of the Seville orange.  The aroma is calming, uplifting and mildly hypnotic. Neroli oil is a cell regenerator and is effective in noticeably rejuvenating all skin types, especially mature, dry and sensitive skin. Neroli tones facial skin and muscle, making it a choice ingredient in skin-care products, massage or bath oil.

Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for skin care, an excellent therapy for dry, sensitive or mature skin that has lost its elasticity. This oil is used to restore skin tone and prevent wrinkles. It also helps reduce scars and stretch marks.

Rosemary in facial products will revitalize mature, dull skin. This thin, colorless oil has a sweet, herbaceous aroma with touches of balsam and camphor, giving rosemary a slightly medicinal, fresh scent. 

"We've been using essential oils for two years now and they have become very important to us in many different ways! Both of my sons and my husband suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma, but with the help of essential oils, I have not and to bring them to the doctor as often as I used to.

They both love using oils to help them with their symptoms because neither one of them likes going to the doctor if we can fix it on our own! They love diffusing oils not only for sickness, but also to help them relax or focus. I love hearing them ask me for their favorite roller balls! They commonly use Deep Blue, for pain, Lavender and Melaleuca for ear aches and Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint for allergies. Vanessa B.
Vanessa B.
On a recent camping trip, I mixed up a lotion with peppermint and lavender oils. Bites were definitely at a minimum!
Jennifer C
In the summertime I mix about 8-10 drops of tea tree, peppermint, lavender, citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oil into about 2-4oz coconut oil and use as a lotion. The scent is very strong at first but wears off and I hardly get bit by mosquitos...even being a soccermom in TX.
Jessie A.
“Since I leaned how easy it is to balance my hormones using essential oil blends directly on my skin my monthly cycles have become so much happier! No more mood swings, cramps, bloating, or food cravings. This book taught me everything I wanted to know about essential oils, not just hormone balancing but so much more! Like how to blend essential oils with carrier oil, treating burns and cuts, calming emotions and anxiety, and safe use. Thx!”
Rose F.

Discover The Secret Healing Properties That Lie Within The World Of Essential Oils And How They Can Improve Your Life! And The Lives Of The Ones You Love…

"Incorporating essential oils, or aromatherapy, into your nightly routine is a safe, natural and therapeutic way to encourage your body to wind down. I especially love using lavender essential oil and Roman chamomile oil to get me in a drowsy mood on those nights I can’t sleep."
Dr. Josh Axe
"My instant energy blend is just a combination of two oils: wild orange or grapefruit, either citrus, it doesn't matter, and peppermint. I do a drop of each on my palms, rub my palms together, take three to five deep belly breaths."
Dr. Mariza Snyder
"Aromatherapy helps psychological symptoms of menopause such as anxiety, depression, and mood swings. It also helps young and middle-aged women relax."
Dr. Eric Z.
"Lavender’s amazing, it’s like the all-round player on the soccer team — it can do everything and it’s great for kids, it’s really balancing — what’s nice about it is that it kind of matches where you’re at. So if you need to calm down, it can calm you down. If you have a headache and you need to focus, it can be used for that. Lavender across the board, I think, works nicely for most people, for most conditions."
Jodi Cohen