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This is an Essential Oils self help guide to increasing energy using Natural remedies!!!!
learn which oils to use for Everything from seasonal affective disorder To depression to Adrenal fatigue

Have you been feeling depleted and exhausted, or, struggling with adrenal fatigue?? No amount of caffein, vitamins, healthy foods, or even junk foods will perk you up?

“Essential Oils” may be the solution you’ve been looking for, this manual covers 13 of the most widely used and versatile essential oils that will help you and your family live a healthier life!


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years ALL AROUND THE WORLD in various cultures for medicinal, and health purposes.

Because more people are becoming aware of their stimulating, energizing, uplifting, motivating, antidepressant, and mood stabilising properties, essential oils are increasing in popularity as a safe, natural, and affordable treatment for an abundance of heath issues. Especially energy balancing!

Sneak Peak Inside...

Physical, mental and emotional problems, viewed as either positive or negative states, need an antidote. Treating illnesses collectively as a duality, essential oils can be categorized as either ‘negative’ (relaxing, calming, tension-relieving, sedating) or ‘positive’ (stimulating, rejuvenating, invigorating, awakening).

Inhaling an essential oil increases brain frequency, balances right and left brain activities, and signals the release of hormones to specific areas of the body. Applied to the skin, essential oils enter the blood stream and are drawn to specific body parts that need healing.

Essential oils are guided to a particular hormone, body part or system with which it is most compatible and effective. The specific oil might be effective with muscle tissue, another might be drawn toward bone marrow.

Mental fatigue is greatly alleviated by basil oil, which aids quick thinking and decision making. This is a gentle, all-around mental stimulant useful in countering depression and lethargy, as well as ‘psychic exhaustion’ or ennui. It’s also an aid for clearing the mind prior to meditation.

Peppermint oil when inhaled improves mental clarity, alertness, concentration and intuitive thinking. It is excellent for treating mental fatigue

Patchouli is excellent for stress-related emotional imbalance, including anxiety, nervousness and anger. It is useful for treating procrastination due to confusion or depressive, negative thoughts. Patchouli’s earthy smell grounds and centers the psyche. It’s used to remedy spaced-out thinking and excessive day dreaming.

The anti-depressant qualities of bergamot make it ideal for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) on cold, gray days. It’s mild, sedating effect helps control anger, relieve stress, reduce nervous tension, fear and anxiety.

Clary sage oil can produce a drug-like ”high,” and is a powerful aid in treating depression, anxiety, and melancholy. It is useful in reducing stress that diminishes sexuality and thus is considered an aphrodisiac.

Oil of geranium works as an antidepressant, controls mood swings, nervousness and anxiety. It combats mental fatigue due to stress and overwork. Geranium controls the flow of energy in the body and balances the psyche emotionally and mentally, as well as physically.

A Lemon oil bath is reccomended for physical exaustion as well as mental fatigue. Lemon oil helps to eliminate confusion and aid in quick thinking, decision making, and concentration. The aroma of lemon clears negative vibrations and creates warm, comfortable feelings towards others. 

Patchouli is useful for treating procrastination due to confusion or depressive, or negative thoughts. Patchouli’s earthy smell grounds and centers the psyche. It’s used to remedy spaced-out thinking and excessive day dreaming.

Oil of pine is good for relieving fatigue and mental exhaustion stemming from irritability and tension. Pine oil diffused into the air clears the psyche, removing feelings of guilt and inspiring self-confidence, acceptance and forgiveness.

Essential oil of thyme is useful emotionally in cases of lethargy, melancholia and depression, including postpartum. For its grounding and re-balancing action, thyme is used to treat mental ‘spacey-ness,’ unrealistic thinking and lack of motivation. Thyme gives a feeling of courage, determination and resolve.

Clove is a fresh, sweet, spicy fragrance, similar to cinnamon. Excellent for reviving the psyche and restoring a positive attitude.

Tee Treeoil inspires self-confidence, helps dispel the gloom of chronic illness and fosters a positive, creative attitude toward healing. It also provides a subtle feeling of inner strength and endurance.

"Adrenal fatigue is a problem that is increasing in both frequency and magnitude. That’s why so much research is being done into how to alleviate this problem and get rid of it completely. One proposed solution for adrenal fatigue is the use of essential oils. These oils are herbal in nature and are made from refining herbs and spices to give a purer version of them in liquid form. These oils have various applications which include adding them to food, inhaling them in times of stress, diffusing them throughout a room, or just applying them to your skin when needed. Essential oils have the ability to combat adrenal fatigue and thus, reduce effects caused by the disease."
"I diffuse essential oils every day to help me focus and feel more energised on mornings I wake up feeling tired. I recognise the days where I forget to put on the diffuser, I start to get flustered and realise I’m not diffusing, oils have become my anchor to ground me. "


I've been going through a "rough patch" in my life and very nervous/anxious and depressed. A coworker told me about essential oils a few months ago, so I picked up some lavender oil and it has really been helping me. I was very surprised that it helped with my physical symptoms, after smelling the lavender oil I feel less nauseous and shaky and more calm.
"There are certain oils which have proven their value and are a great baseline for those who are just learning about the health benefits of essential oils. Peppermint, lavender and lemon are considered power oils, and when in doubt one of these three will give you some relief for whatever your need is from cleansing to soothing to invigorating,"


Discover The Secret Healing Properties That Lie Within The World Of Essential Oils And How They Can Improve Your Life! And The Lives Of The Ones You Love…

Some oils have stimulating effects and can actually increase oxygen to your brain, which will leave you feeling refreshed, focused and energized.
Dr. Josh Axe
"My instant energy blend is just a combination of two oils: wild orange or grapefruit, either citrus, it doesn't matter, and peppermint. I do a drop of each on my palms, rub my palms together, take three to five deep belly breaths."
Dr. Mariza Snyder
"Aromatherapy helps psychological symptoms of menopause such as anxiety, depression, and mood swings. It also helps young and middle-aged women relax."
Dr. Eric Z.
"Lavender’s amazing, it’s like the all-round player on the soccer team — it can do everything and it’s great for kids, it’s really balancing — what’s nice about it is that it kind of matches where you’re at. So if you need to calm down, it can calm you down. If you have a headache and you need to focus, it can be used for that. Lavender across the board, I think, works nicely for most people, for most conditions."
Jodi Cohen