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The hemorrhoid Cure No One Has Heard of

I found a cure for hemorrhoid’s out of sheer desperation. If you have them you know what I am taking about. Me being too embarrassed to pick up a tube of hemorroid ointment at the store, I had been suffering for months. 

I will say I didn’t completely ignore the issue at hand,  I tried every home remedy I could find on Pintrest but nothing worked for me at all.

One night I just couldn’t take it anymore so I looked something up quickly on the internet. Its a product that’s generally taken internally (to my knowledge) for colds and flu. However,  it turns out that this natural remedy is also used topically for skin conditions, this I did not know. After doing a little reading I discovered that Echinacea is used for skin conditions such as wounds, ulcers, boils, psoriasis, eczema, herpes, yeast infections and bug bites. What was happening on my bottom defiantly felt like it could fall into a few of those categories. 


So I thought, well it can’t get much worse than it is already (the pain, itching and bleeding) so here goes….I grabbed my bottle of Natural Factors Echinacea and applied a few drops to a cotton ball and dabbed it on my but where the problem was. I will say it stung for a few seconds, but the stinging was a nice relief from the itching, RELIEF I appreciated. Then I noticed after a few minutes not only was the itching gone but so was the pain. I was truly ecstatic, I hadn’t had relief in months. I applied it again the following morning and I had no symptoms of hemorrhoid’s all day, this hadn’t happened for a long time. 

While I can’t promise this will work for you, I would defiantly give it a shot if your suffering like I was… that point it really can’t get much worse. Link to purchase here if you don’t have a bottle at home already. Good luck and I hope you find healing and relief!!!!